Mount Meru Climb is measured as the warm-up for Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru Trekking is offering spectacular views of the scenery of nature, landscape and wildlife. Mount Meru is unspoilt and less congested as compared to Mt Kilimanjaro. Get prepare yourself to have an exploratory trip to Mount Meru in your life at once.

Mt Meru, located within Arusha National Park (just 76km from Moshi) is a fantastic way to fulfil your mountaineering quota within Tanzania, so we provide 4 Days Mount Meru Climb Package, what fulfils your dream without breaking the budget. Often overshadowed by its big sister Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru is still Tanzania’s second tallest mountain, reaching an altitude of 4566m. Meru itself is classified as an ‘active’ stratovolcano (don’t worry- there’s been no activity since 1910!) and makes for an incredible and challenging climb, as you ascend along the narrow ridge of the volcanic cone, with spectacular views down to the crater and smaller ash cone formed within.

From the summit of Mount Meru Climb, you can enjoy views across to Mt Kilimanjaro and the savannahs of Northern Tanzania. Along your way, you will stay in well-maintained huts within the National Park with a nice comfortable bed to rest upon after a hard days trekking! Materuni Tours recommend taking 4 days to trek to the summit of Mt Meru however if you are pushed for time it can be achieved in just 3.