Mount Oldoinyolengai Trekking To See The Mountains Active Volcano

OlDoinyoLengai is referred by the Maasai tribe as the “Mountain of God“. Rising brilliantly from the Great Rift Valley floor to a height of 2890m, OlDoinyoLengai is the only active volcano on a planet that emits carbonatite magma. This sort of magma is critical in light of the manner in which that temperatures of these magmas are essentially around 500°C, about a significant piece of the temperature of standard basalt magmas, and its magma streams with a consistency nearly as liquid as water.

Described by others as a probably productive, geochemical spot of adoration, Mount OldoinyoLengai Trekking is an immense physically requesting ascension. Its risky elevation makes it a test to scale correspondingly as to move down and the day time heat is anguishing. The best time to climb the mountain is in the middle of the night when the temperatures are lower. This engages the climber to watch the amazing dawn at the summit and return before the hot day kicks in. If you are interested to know more about this mountain, then don’t be hesitate to contact Materuni Tours.