Mount Usambara Trekking offer the mountain region which is ideal for hiking as well as some spectacular driving. Mount Usambara Trekking Paths are fairly unique covered in a tropical rainforest. Get the best adventure to reach the mountaintop!

Usambara Mountain situated in the north-east of Tanzania. With their wide vistas, cool climate, winding paths and picturesque villages, the Usambara’s are one of Tanzania’s highlights.

The Usambara Mountains are situated in between Mount Kilimanjaro and the Indian Ocean region of Tanga. The mountains were favoured by Germans and the English during colonial times. This beautiful and rush area is a welcome retreat from Tanzania game parks and cities. The view point on the southern and western side of the Usambara is well known for the spectacular views of the Mkomazi and handeni. And at the end of the day the sun set turn the area into tremendous pallet of amazing colours. The ranger is accessible from the towns of Lushoto in the west and Amboni in the east. Usambara are commonly split in two sub-ranges west and east Usambara. These mountains are fairly unique covered in tropical rainforest.

From a distance the mountains are a colourful mosaic. On the fertile slopes around Soni and Lushoto farmers cultivate small plots but further away from the towns large areas are still covered by dense tropical forests.

Usambara Mountain’s exceptional diversity attracts naturalists from all over the world. So Materuni Tours provide the 4 Days Usambara Mountains Trekking Package to explore various species of birds, study trees and flowers or butterflies.